Thursday, February 17, 2011

In the priesthood

The Priest not just carries a message, but embodies the message,
He does not represent himself, but represents who is the greatest one: “God”;
Where he was sent by another who is the “God”, thus he is the messenger.

We can not understand the role of the priesthood in the church unless we deepen our understanding of the meaning of priestly function,

To put the priest on the reality of the meaning, that in his assets of the invisible side; in the depths of God, where the roots of the priesthood; 
 We see the true of the issue that; we are in the priesthood back into the arms of the Holy Trinity, because the priest accept and meet the invitation which comes to him from the heart of the Trinity.

The term apostolic gave new meaning to the work of the Apostle
  Because Christ said to His apostles after the resurrection: "As the Father has sent me I send you"(Jn 20:21).

Editor: υπο-διάκονος. Camill Tannous
Orthodox Christianity for Theological Research and Patrimony of church