Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Holy Relics of his Holy Predecessors St. Gregory

After his resignation from the Throne as the Archbishop of Constantinople, St. Gregory withdrew himself to the village of Arianzus, where he reposed in the Lord in the year 390 AD. His Holy Relics were then transferred to Constantinople and they were placed in the celebrated Church of the Holy Apostles, the usual burial place of the Emperors. "His Synaxis takes place in the most holy Great Church and in the place of martyrdom of Saint Anastasia, in the embolus of Domninus, and in the Church of the Great Apostles; there did Constantine VII, the Porphyrogenitus, a friend of Christ, and our most pious King placed his sacred relics, having them brought from Nazianzus, in the land of the Cappadocians".
The Holy Relics of St. Gregory were placed in the church of St. Gregory of the Convent of St. Maria in Campo Santo. In the year 1580 Pope Gregory XIII transferred the Holy Relics of St. Gregory to St. Peter, in the priedieu of St. Gregory in the Capella Gregoriana (which is basically dedicated to the Madonna del Soccorso).

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