Friday, November 30, 2012

Syrian Revolution revealed the violation of sanctities

To those who claim leadership, individuals and groups, both who have the ephemeral power.

To each of the governments in the West and the East and perhaps it seemed appropriate to bring this message also to the Russian rulers.

 You claim that you protects the world, as  well  as  you  are  concerning  about  the  situation  of  Christians  and  minorities, and help the oppressed and claim democracy.

But Syrian revolution revealed the  fact  of  humanitarian which  you defend, it is only a  mask hides behind  it  the brutal face of your barbarism nature.

 Your own interests have revealed the truth, that whatever you are doing  not compatible with the  humanitarian principles in which  you claim.

The fact that you just a set of thieves,  a sophisticated banditry.

Our sanctities and holy places have  been stolen and violated,  it is sanctities , which you have been claimed that you believes  and respects.

But the facts show  that, You are not  more  than head of  guerrilla.

it’s  clear  that you  did  not  read  the  ecclesiastical history,  nor  the holy Patristic acts.

 it’s  clear  that,  you have not been tested  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Cross.

The violation of  divine  sanctities will  lead  you  to  this scorching trial.

And I promise you that, you will be burned in this fire,  Not in the afterlife, But in this life.

Do not make fun of words  written   by a poor priest .  Because the priesthood is a divine authority are supported  by  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Cross.

And  this  fire is to  be  used.   This fire in order to usage

Your nuclear weapons cannot afford to put it out;   Because it is a consuming fire

Remember that consuming fire  made  by  prophet Elijah. 

Remember  what  have  been  done  by  the  Holy  Patristic  of  the  Holy  Church.

And the talk about a prayer concerning  to  placebo peace, which you  made, will not happen  anymore.

The  time  now  is  a  warning time.  And the  next is the  blaze  period.

The  time  now  is  for  you  to  listen.  not  to  give  sinister orders.

Today  is  the  time to  deal in  the  truth. to  protect  people  and  their sanctities.

The  humble in Christ,  Fr. Spyridon Tanous

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ