Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Immediately after the Holy Resurrection

Immediately After the resurrection  of  the Holy Son, we can discover,  clearly, the evil one, the demons, who are doing every bad revenging from people.
Their  revenge  are  against  people  whom  created  by God's Holy hand.

Demons  knew their fates  after  the  crucifixion and  resurrection  of  the Holy  Word  who  are  seated  at  the  right  of  the  Father.
Therefore,  they spread corruption on earth, Retaliation  from  the  truth.

Those  demons, Reincarnated  in  forms  of  men,  dwelled  in  the  soles  of  many  creatures, many  of  them,  right now,  are  taking  form  of  persons  who  are  leading  nations.
They provokes wars, and encourages killers,  as  well  as  they  are happy in the continuation of injustice, moreover  they supporting the oppressor.

But  All should know  that,  those creatures which  became residence of  Devil.
Trembling in fear  from the faithful,  and fall scariest in front of the Cross.

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ