Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pastoral Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

My Sisters, Brothers and our youth and Children.

Today I wrote to you asking our lord to provide his full protection and care to you.

In these messages I’ll go out for routine regarding to the Pastoral sermons, because most of the brethren of the priests, carrying out of this task; where the talents of Holy Spirit come upon each of us according to the Divine will.

Usually, the Pastoral letter comes according to the daily reading from the gospel or the Sunday's gospel; the Priest explains the meaning of the holy text and what is the Jesus message from this reading.
Whereas, the Spirit is leading us, and whereas, we are Subject to the will of the Holy Spirit, who leads the march of the priest in his service.

So, I chose to become completely driven by the Holy Spirit; who is leading my services.

My dears in Christ, where we are servants, that meaning, we must serve you and your needs, that meaning we should fight on behalf of you.

I can understand, how do you look to the priest or server when he preach
Most of you, say in himself, "this man is crazy" or “he is an illusional person".
Many of you are thinking " why I need to listen or to read such that myths".

Yes, I understand, the Internet is full of information, where you can become a doctor through it.
So, you think that, why you are obligated to listen to the priest who is surrounded by Old tradition.
at time every thing is new and modern, at time you can search and find what you think is true, just by clicking on your computer  

I’ll not argue if that is true or not, but I want to refer to two matters which is the human relation and the divine relation,

that through a questions , why church is important in our life?
why we can not be in touch just through the internet without physical meeting,

to respond of this questions, firstly, we have to agree that the god is there, and he is in direct relation with our life, may we can say that he is a part of our daily life..

more, we have to wonder, why Jesus, became man, why he had choosen to touch our human needs as man, not just as he as spirit.

We have to search carefully, why he has chosen to be suffered on cross, why he did not conduct with us as spirit.

if we look after this matter, we will start to understand, why it is important to meet physically, speak  face to face.
this kind of meetings are  the corner stone of the church, the meeting, just through the meeting we can build the church, just through the meeting we can reach to the solve of our needs as human being.
then we can realize, the meaning of our needs, spiritually and physically

therefore, I invite you to meet, and to speak to each other, and together speak to god Transparency, to build right relation, to think together, and allow the holy trinity participate our though and thinking.

Please, let us do so, together,
I am sure that our Lord will support us,
So, I pray that our Lord and saviour to be with you in all the moments of your life, with the intercession of our mother, Mother of God Virgin Mary.

Rev. Spyridon
Orthodox Patristic Church
The representative of Leesburg Diocese in Sweden

Editor: Διάκονος. Rev.Deacon. Spyridon (Kamil Tannous)

Orthodox Patristic Church
Diocese of Leesburg