Monday, January 24, 2011

Divine Fire / St. Antonius the Great The message of eighteen

Divine Fire / St. Antonius the Great The message of eighteen

The strange thing that, now we are looking for Land and material things and the opposite of the teachings of the Fathers of Church, such as the letters of St. Antonius the Great  where he  focused on the essential that at first is to accept the fire of the Holy spirit,

also, we forgot that through the Baptism and the confirmation we get the mystery of the Holy Spirit full.

The message of eighteen; St. Antonius said:

 "Do not let the power of this shot taken from you, ask from your straight heart and you honestly accept him".

The new measures which has adopted in this time are strange,
are not compatible with the spirit of our Orthodox Church,

I am wondering if it is the new form and new modern of the Orthodox faith,
That our spiritual life grow according to the teachings of the Holy Fathers,
And what I heard in a few years ago does not apply to the teachings of the saints.

The fire according to St. Antonius is the mystery of the life, and the bases of all  methods which lead to Jesus;
"If there is a lack of this fire will become ( the person) like bird that disarmament it's wing".

St. Antonius the Great focused on that the Satanic wars directed against this fire of divine;
 " Do not let the power of this fire taken away from you because many wars of the devil directed against you  Because of this fire of the Lord given you in order to deprive you".

Editor: υπο-διάκονος. Camill Tannous
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