Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are they from Divinity or politics?

The culture of educating theology still, in somehow, hidden from the public, where it was confined to the clergy.
The reason of that is many of clergy "spiritual leaders",  have a fear from losing their positions and their control on the parishes, maybe the fear from losing their life if they violated the orders of the political leadership, of course the key reason is application   political agendas.

Unfortunately, this issues exist strongly in middle east and Africa, the centre of major conflicts in the world.
The church do not have the decision, the church leaders " the elected leaders" need permission from the dictator who hand-picked those to be the church leaders.

This leads us to know the cause of preventing theology from the people, Because the people will realize that there is no role of the Holy Spirit, according to the theology and patristic teaching, even Christ himself.

 And  these leaders withhold the divine grace from the Church
 because they are not chosen by the Holy Spirit
 Rather, they are  chosen by the devil
 they have turned the church to the stadium, Stadium of evil men.

A revolution is needed, under the slogan " People want the chosen from the Holy Spirit"

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous Diocese of Leesburg Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden