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The greater Orthodox synodical festive since 90 years/ اكبر احتفالية سينودية الارثوذكسية منذ ٩٠ عام




With Byzantine splendor, in the Monastery of St. Nicholas in Paiania, Attica the unifying concelebration took place of the Orthodox Churches of Greece, Romania, and the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad who follow the Tradition of the Orthodox Church.
The Divine Liturgy was presided over by His Beatitude Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and all Greece with a multitude of hierarchs: the Primate of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Metropolitan Agafangel and his Titular Bishop Georgiy of Bolgrad, three representatives of the Romanian Church under Metropolitan Vlasie, Dionisie of Galaţi, Antonie of Ploieşti, and Evloghie of Sibiu, Metropolitans Justin of Euripus, Gerontios of Piraeus, Chrysostomos of Attica, Demetrius of America, and Cyprian of Oropos, and Bishops Gregory of Christianoupolis, Photios of Marathon, Ambrose of Philippi, Ambrose of Methone, Silvano of Luni, Clement of Gardikion, and Auxentios of Photike.
The Synodal Encyclical was read by the Chief-Secretary of the Holy Synod, Bishop Photios of Marathon, while Metropolitan Cyprian of Oropos preached a detailed sermon.
The Orthodox Ecclesiastical Byzantine Choir chanted under the direction of Mihail Makris.
Truly moving was the presence of the relics the ever-memorable Primates of our Church: Metropolitan Chrysostomos (formerly) of Phlorina, and Bishop Akakios of Talantion, as well as the presence of the Elder Metropolitan Akakios of Attica and Dauleia.
It was a historic day of the witness of the Church of the G.O.C. of Greece. On this day, 90 years ago the change of the calendar occurred, 90 years of persecutions sufferings and divisions.The God of love, our God and Saviour, Jesus Christ was pleased today to bless the efforts of the struggling pious clergy and laity with the unifying concelebration of His children. Throughout the duration of Liturgy, all present: hierarchs, priests, deacons and laity were teary-eyed at the miracle they were living
 Glory  to  our  Lord
الاحتفالية  السينودية الارثوذكسية  الاكبر  منذ  ٩٠  عام
الاثنين 24 مارس، 2014 21:41
مع روعة   التراتيل  البيزنطية ، في دير القديس نيكولاس في بايانيا ، أتيكا قامت  الاختفالية  الليتورجية   السينودية   التي  وحدت   الكنائس الأرثوذكسية في اليونان ، ورومانيا، والكنيسة الأرثوذكسية الروسية في الخارج و الذين يتبعون تقليد الكنيسة الأرثوذكسية.
وترأس القداس الإلهي صاحب  الغبطة  غبطة المطران كالينيكوس  رئيس  اساقفة   أثينا و اليونان مع  الرئاسات للكنيسة الأرثوذكسية الروسية في الخارج ،  ميتروبوليت  بيلغراد، وثلاثة ممثلين للكنيسة الرومانية تحت
اسقف  اوروفوس، و  لفيف  من  السادة  المطارنة  من  حول العالم
كان يوما تاريخيا لكنيستنا  الارثوذكسية. في هذا اليوم، قبل 90 عاما من  تغيير التقويم ، منذ  90 عاما من المعاناة والاضطهاد و  الانقسامات  إله الحب، إلهنا ومخلصنا يسوع المسيح وحد  ابناءة  وكانت  دموع  الكهنة  و  المؤمنين  تنهمر  فرحا  و  غبطة  حيث  يرون  معجزة  الاتحاد
هنيئا  لنا  نعمة  الرب  الذي  جمع  ابناءه


Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

Encyclical To the entire Church

 Republic of Greece
CHURCH of the G.O.C. of GREECE

KANINGOS 32 (3rd floor)
106 82 ATHENS

Protocol no. γ-1883

To the entire Church

“Today the Grace of the Holy Spirit hath gathered us together, and we all take up Thy Cross saying, Blessed is He that cometh in the name of the Lord."

Much beloved children in the Lord,

On this day precisely, 90 years are completed since the imposition of the calendar innovation in the Orthodox Church of Greece. March 10th, the 2nd Sunday of the Fast was named March 23rd through an encyclical of the Archbishop of Athens at that time, Chrysostomos Papadopoulos. The pious people of our Fatherland thenceforth were divided into those who adopted the calendar reform (New Calendarists) and those who remained faithful to the Patristic Traditions (“Old Calendarists”) namely the Genuine Orthodox Christians. There followed various persecutions against the people of God to compel them to accept the innovation. But one year later during the Vigil of the Orthodox for the Feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross in the chapel of St. John the Theologian in Hymettos, at midnight the bright Cross of the Lord appeared. This appearance is the divine confirmation of the correctness of our Holy Struggle. During the suffering of the Genuine Church of Christ that followed: the persecutions, imprisonments, stripping of clergymen, exiles of bishops, demolishing of churches, etc. the remembrance of this great miracle of the 3rd appearance of the Holy Cross was a support and a fount of power for the Genuine Orthodox.

Today, this froward day of the imposition of the calendar innovation coincides with the Veneration of the Cross. This fortunate coincidence makes the present day especially filled with symbolic connotations, so that the great event of the Synodal Concelebration of unity and confession be celebrated on this day. Rightly is it appropriate at this point to exclaim: “For behold, through the Cross joy hath come to the whole world!”

Today, according to the goodwill of God, we are truly celebrating a great event, a thirty year division has come to an end. The years of eruptions and divisions have passed away. Behold, the day of peace and harmony has shined upon us.

Truly, the event of the unification of those formerly separated is a great benefaction, according to St. Basil the Great: Thus its seems generally that the state of the Church (if I may use a vivid figure, though it may seem too lowly) is like an old garment, which is always being torn easily on whatever pretext, and which can never be restored to its original strength. At such a time, then, there is need of great effort and diligence that the Churches may in some way be benefited. It is a good deed that parts hitherto severed be united." ("Letter to the Presbyters of Tarsus")

This good deed was accomplished last Tuesday March 5/18 of the present year in the church of the All-Holy Theotokos “The Unfading Rose” in Piraeus where the Holy Synod of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece convened under the presidency of His Beatitude Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and all Greece, exclusively to address the issue of the union and incorporation of the Orthodox Ecclesiastical Community in Resistance with the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece which was accomplished by the Grace of God.

The ecclesiological agreement, based on the findings of the official dialogue between the two sides, an arduous union attempt throughout fourteen months produced an in-depth Ecclesiological Text entitled: The True Orthodox Church in Opposition to the Heresy of Ecumenism: Dogmatic and Canonical Issues which constitutes the sure ecclesiological basis of the union which was accomplished.

Having established this, and the canonical impediments having been removed, the Bishops of the Orthodox Ecclesiastical Community in Resistance are now full, canonical members of our Holy Synod and the pious faithful of this Community finally belong to the one, sole ecclesiastical body of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece.

But our joy is not simply a local event, on this past Friday, March 8/21, an Inter-Orthodox Deliberation convened in the Monastery of the All-Immaculate Virgin in Megara, with the participation - aside from the hierarchs of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Christians of Greece - of hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, with its President Metropolitan Agafangel being present, as well as the non-innovating Church of Romania under His Eminence Metropolitan Vlasie. During this deliberation each article of the the above-mentioned Ecclesiological Text was examined, the hierarchs having expressed agreement on it, in principle, some days prior. They discussed other dogmatic and canonical issues and by the Grace of God, the many-hour deliberation came to a close in full agreement.

The presentation and the solemnizing of the union occurred through the present Synodal Concelebration of unity and confession today, the Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross, March 10/23 in the historic monastery of St. Nicholas in Paiania, presided over by His Beatitude Archbishop Kallinikos of Athens and all Greece, and His Eminence Metropolitan Agafangel of New York and Eastern America of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, and in the presence of hierarchs of the Church of the Genuine Orthodox Church of Romania. The selection of this place is not without meaning because in this monastery the hierarchical ordinations, and the reconstitution of the hierarchy of our Church in cooperation with hierarchs of the Russian Church Abroad took place in 1962. Through this inter-Orthodox concelebration today’s feast of the Veneration of the Cross becomes finally a worldwide joyous event. It is appropriate straightway to repeat the verse: ”For behold, through the Cross joy hath come to the whole world!”

Beloved children in the Lord,

Our union in love and truth was not motivated in us by worldy authority, nor by some material interest. Our only motivation was the love of our Lord Jesus Christ and our dearest Orthodoxy.

Simultaneously, our hearts turn with love and forbearance towards those who in various ways have cooperated and continue to cooperate with the truly worldwide scandal of the division of the Orthodox in the name of unity with the heterodox, and have breached the ecclesiological and soteriological exclusivity of Orthodoxy. We call them to repentance and to return to the immovable borders of the True Faith and the True Orthodox Church of Christ, where the fullness of Grace and Truth is found exclusively.

In this regard, we paternally urge all our spiritual children who participate in the joy of our Church, to continue to pray for the stability of this union, and also that this unity may expand among all the True Orthodox in the Truth and Love of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

In the year of Salvation MMXIV the 10th/23rd of March


The Archbishop

† KALLINIKOS of Athens

The Members

† AKAKIOS of Attica and Diauleia

† MAXIMOS of Thessalonica and Demetrias

† ATHANASIOS of Larisa and Platamon

† JUSTIN of Euripus and Euboea

† GERONTIOS of Piraeus and Salamina

† CHRYSOSTOMOS of Attica and Boeotia

† MOSES of Toronto

† DEMETRIUS of America


† CYPRIAN of Oropos and Phyle

† GREGORY of Christianoupolis

† PHOTIOS of Marathon

† SERGIOS of Portland

† AMBROSE of Philippi

† AMBROSE of Methone

† MICHAEL of Nora

† SILVANO of Luni

† CLEMENT of Gardikion

† THEODOSIOS of Bresthena

† CHRISTODOULOS of Theoupolis

† AUXENTIOS of Photike


Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

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New Arabic Parish in Scandinavia/رعية عربية جديدة في الدول الاسكندينافية

رعية القديس اغناطيوس الانطاكي
في  السويد  و  سائر الدول الاسكندينافية

بعد  صلوات  ملحة  كي  نحصل  على  المشورة  الصحيحة
و  بعد  الحاح من  الكثير  من  العائلات  و  المؤمنين
رفعنا  طلبنا  الى  المجمع  المقدس  في  اليونان  كي  ننشئ  الرعية  العربية
ببركة  صاحب  الغبطة  كالينيكوس   رئيس  اساقفة  اثينا  و  سائر  اليونان،  تم  الموافقة  على  اطلاق  الرعية  العربية
بحيث  ستتم  الخدمة  باللغة  العربية

الخطوة  الاولى    في  الرعية  سوف  تضم  مبدئيا  رعايا  عرب  في  الدول  الاسكندينافية
و  في  عيد  الصعود  سوف  يتم  الاعلان  رسميا  عن  بدء  انطلاق  الرعية  العربية 
تحت  شفاعة   القديس اغناطيوس الانطاكي ،  الذي  سيكون  شفيع  الرعية
الى  المؤمنين  الراغبين  الانضمام  الى  الرعية  الرجاء  ارسال  على  الايميل  التالي

سوف  تقدم     الكنيسة  الى   الرعية  الجديدة  و  ابنائها  كل  الدعم    الروحي  و  الاجتماعي  و  التعليمي   و  غيره
من  اجل  بناء  رعية   قادرة  على  مواجهة  مصاعب  الحياة  و  دعم  الاهل  في  سوريا  و  الدول  العربية
سائلين  القديس  اغناطيوس  ان  يتشفع  برعيته

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

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How do I Fast?/ كيف أصوم ؟

If you are new to fasting, or are not sure you have been doing it properly, know that the first step is to find an experienced spiritual father; a priest or monk of our Mission, or of one of the monasteries or parishes of our Church in Greece. Fasting is not a discipline that can be self-directed, and should be part of a balanced spiritual life including attendence at the Divine Services, private prayer at home, acts of charity, and the reading of Holy Scripture.
The general rules of Lent are simple; Monday through Friday are strict fast, when we refrain from meat, dairy, fish, olive oil, and wine. Saturday and Sunday we are permitted wine and oil. On Annunciation, we are permitted fish.
If you are elderly, very young, sickly, or new to fasting, your spiritual father may give you a rule of fasting that is less strict than that which is described here. This is because fasting is not a set of rules and regulations, but a spiritual medicine that the spiritual father, as your spiritual doctor, determines will be for your benefit, taking in to account your state in life. We should refrain from judging those who do not fast as strictly as we do, while praying that they will grow in strength to do so.
In addition, there are extra services such as the Presanctified Liturgy and the Salutations that are prayed during the weekdays of Lent, and we should make every effort to attend these.
Fasting will be of no benefit to us, however, if we do not love our neighbors more than ourselves. Fasting is a tool in our arsenal against the Evil One, but it is useless if we bite the head off of our brother.
If you are living far away from a Church and cannot attend the services during Lent, contact our missions department in   Sweden  and  Scandinavia  at
 for advice on how to participate as best as you can. Spiritual growth is open to you even if you live a great distance.
Finally, dear readers, we pray that you will include us in your prayers, those who prepare this site for you, that we will remain firm, crossing the Sea of the Fast, and arriving at Pascha prepared.
إذا كنت جديدا على الصوم، أو لم تكن متأكدا ما ينبغي القيام به بشكل صحيح الخطوة الأولى هي العثور على الأب الروحي ذوي الخبرة ؛ كاهن أو راهب من  أحد الأديرة أو الرعايا في  كنيستنا في اليونان.
الصوم ليس مجرد  الانضباط   الذاتي ،   بل   يجب أن تكون جزءا من حياة روحية متوازنة بما في ذلك حضور   الخدمات الإلهية و  متابعة  الصلوات  الخاصة في المنزل ، والأعمال خيرية ، و قراءة الكتاب المقدس.
القواعد العامة  هي بسيطة ؛ من الاثنين حتى الجمعة هي  صارمة، تتضمن  الامتناع عن اللحوم ، ومنتجات الألبان ، والأسماك ، وزيت الزيتون ، والنبيذ.
اما  يومي السبت والأحد  يسمح النبيذ والزيت. كذلك  على البشارة  يسمح الأسماك.
إذا كنت من كبار السن ، مريضا، أو جديدة للصيام ، الأب الروحي الخاص بك  سيعطيك مشورة   الصوم التي هي أقل صرامة من تلك التي وصفها هنا . وذلك لأن الصوم ليس مجموعة من القواعد واللوائح ، ولكن الدواء الروحي الذي الأب الروحي ، و الطبيب الروحي الخاص ، ويحدد   ما  يجب  أن يكون لمنفعتك،
بالإضافة إلى ذلك، هناك خدمات اضافية مثل القداس و و  صلاة  النوم  الكبرى  و  المدائح  التي تصلي خلال أيام الأسبوع في  الصوم الكبير ، و علينا أن نبذل كل جهد ممكن ل حضور هذه .
الصوم هو  ترسانتنا ضد الشر اذا  اتبع  بمشورة  الاب  الروحي
إذا كنت تعيش بعيدا عن الكنيسة ، ولا يمكن حضور الخدمات خلال الصوم الكبير، ما  عليك   هو   سوى  الاتصال بقسم بعثاتنا أدناه للحصول على المشورة بشأن كيفية المشاركة بأفضل ما تستطيع.  حتى لو كنت تعيش على مسافة كبيرة.
يمكنك  مراسلة  بعثتنا  في  السويد  و  الجول  الاسكندينافية  على  الايميل  التالي
تنمى  لكم  اياما  مباركة


Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

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Father Spyridon's speech on the issue of nuns Maloula/خطاب الاب سبيريدون بخصوص قضية راهبات معلولا

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

Monday, March 10, 2014

Please pay attention/ الرجاء الانتباه


Please pay attention to the subject of the statements that attributed to us
We  point out   this issue  because discovering  many statements attributed to us
while  they are not issued by us
Many  media call us for meetings related to different subjects
And we refuse to appear on the media
And we do not make any statements to the media directly
While, any announcement, statement   or  articles should  be  published firstly on our  official media page
and  for  international  publication,  we  do  so   with Twitter and Google in order to publish our  articles  around the world.  And  then  its  linking  to  the  facebook.
So, please do not deal with any material bearing our name, only if it is published in our media
And soon we will have a visible  media channel  through YouTube
and  we  are  working  to  improve  our  audio channel
Thank  for  your  attention
Fr.  Spyridon  Tanous
الرجاء الانتباه الى موضوع تصريحات تنسب  الينا
رغبنا  ان  ننبه  الى  هذه  القضية
بسبب  اكتشافنا  العديد  من  التصريحات  المنسوبة  الينا
و  هي  غير  صادرة  عني
ان  العديد
  من  وسائل  الاعلام    يتصلون  بنا   من  اجل  لقاءات  تتعلق  بمواضيع  مختلفة
و  نحن  نرفض  الظهور  على  وسائل  الاعلام  
و  لا  ندلي  بتصريحات  الى  اي  هيئة   اعلامية
و  ان  اي  اعلان  او  تصريح  ينشر  اولا  على  موقعنا  الاعلامي  الرسمي
بحيث  يوجد  اتفاقية  مع  تويتر  و  غوغل  من  اجل  نشره  حول  العالم,  و  هي  تذهب  بالارتباط  الى  فيسبوك
لذلك،  نرجو  عدم  التعامل  مع  اي  مادة  تحمل  اسمنا    الا  اذا  كانت  منشورة  في  صفحتنا  الاعلامية
وقريبا سيكون لدينا قناة إعلامية مرئية من خلال يوتيوب
ونحن نعمل على تطوير  قناتنا  السمعية
شكرا  الى  انتباهكم
الاب  سبيريدون  طنوس


Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ

Do we have to be silent in a time of fasting?/ هل علينا ان نصمت في زمن الصوم

Do we have to be silent in a time of fasting?
No,  because  the  Lent is a time of prayer the  Bible  fully  as  one  unit ,  as  one  holy  word
In the last period, I received a number of questions, about verses  of the Gospel
which used by some in  order  to marketing a  set  of principles are not linked to the fact Evangelical
It's part of the whole verses
Of course, every  verse has its meaning,  but  it  lose  its  meaning  when  it come away  from  the  whole  divine verses.
The Bible consist  from  verses  which form an integrated unit,   and
the segmentation between  them  in  any  interpretation  do  not reflects the  meaning of the Divine objective.
But some who have converted from true Christianity ,  those who consider themselves Christians renewed, are working to distort the full meaning of the divine goal.
  Those works  to distort the truth and the goal of the Gospel
which is the ultimate goal
It is  Goal that made God creates man
So,  God wanted to create a human being  which carries the meaning of the dignity of God and His justice and love
because God does not need slaves
God  Has all the forces of heaven, which they serve and praise Him without ceasing
In recent
   Those who reject the divine dignity which  given by God to man
They started cutting the unit of the Bible in order to distort the Divine objective
They want to fight the divine plan in creation of man
But  because, They do not have power in order to fight God directly
They kept on creating earth slavery
So that they are determined to make the man a slave
Away from the plan Divine.
They  want to make people subservient to the system of evil
So,  the human being will  forget the goal that God has prepared for His  creations.
They say that man  must obey the ground  authorities 
through resorting to verse that incriminating and condemns their evil
But  this  verse are  stripping  their  evil plans
because  the  Lent is a time of prayer the  Bible  fully  as  one  unit ,  as  one  holy  word
we  say,  the  divine  plan  lies  in  making  human being in full dignity, in full justice and  in perfect love.
When reading the Bible ( Book Kings I and II ), we find that Elijah  the God's prophet  , who is manifested with Jesus and Moses on the mountain in the New Testament , and he is  the one who lifted to  the  heaven by  God  in  the vehicle  of  fire
We find that Elijah fought the kings of the earth, those  kings   were chosen by God,  but  became  kings  of  evil
This works for the evil on earth
And rob from  the  people their dignity which giving by God
And turning people into slaves to the King  and  evil
He came, the  zealous  one, and the zealous  is the title of the Prophet Elijah
He came to restore the dignity of the people
  The work on the Burnout King and his entourage
This is the meaning of the Bible
the Divine meaning for human  beings
brings dignity and justice
And in order to destruction of evil kings, and replaced by the kings of the service,
Kings in order to serve God's creation
Obedience comes to the king of the server, not to the kings of the evil  and  kings  of  impostor
هل  علينا  ان  نصمت  في  زمن  الصوم؟
لا,  لان  زمن  الصوم  هو  زمن  صلاة  الكتاب  المقدس  بكامله,  كوحدة  واحدة,  و  كلمة  مقدسة  واحدة
في  الفترة  الماضية،  وصلني  عدد  من  الاسئلة،  حول  ايات  من  الانجيل
يستخدمها  البعض  لتسويق  مبادئ  لا  ترتبط  الى  الحقيقة  الانجيلية,  لانها  جزء   من  أيات  كاملة
بالطبع  لكل  أية  لها  معناها
؟ و  لكن  متى  تكون  الاية  كاملة  المعنى  الالهي
ان  الكتاب  المقدس  هو  وحدة  متكاملة  تربط  بين  ثناياها  ايات  كثيرة  العدد،  جميعها  من  دون  تجزئة   تعبر  عن  معنى  الهدف  الالهي
الا  ان  بعض  الذين  تحولوا  عن   المسيحية  الحقة ،  و  هؤلاء  المتجددين الذين  يعتبرون  انفسهم  مسيحيين  جدد،يعملون   على  تشويه  المعنى  الكامل  للهدف  الالهي
يعمل  هؤلاء  المتجددون  على  تشويه  حقيقة  و  هدف  الانجيل
و  هو  الهدف  الاسمى
الهدف  الذي  جعل  الله  يخلق  الانسان
لان  الله  اراد  ان  يخلق  انسان 
و  هذا  الانسان  يحمل  معنى  كرامة  الله  و  عدله  و  حبه
ان  الله  ليس  بحاجة  الى  عبيد
لديه  كل  قوات  السماء  التي  تخدمه  و  تسبحه  بلا  انقطاع
في  الاونة  الاخيرة
  هؤلاء  الرافضين  للكرامة  الالهية  التي  منحها  الله  للانسان
باشروا  في  تقطيع  وحدة  الكتاب  المقدس
من  اجل  تشويه  الهدف  الالهي 
يريدون  ان  يحاربوا  المخطط  الالهي  في  خلق  الانسان
ليس  لهم  القوة  كي  يحاربوا  الله  مباشرة
فعملوا  على  خلق  عبودية  ارضية
بحيث  هم  مصممون  من  اجل  جعل  الانسان  عبدا
بعيدا  عن  المخطط  الالهي
يريدون  ان يجعلوا    الناس خاضعين   الى  نظام  الشر
بحيث،  ينسى  الانسان
الهدف  الذي  اعده  الله  للانسان
لأن الصوم هو وقت للصلاة الكتاب المقدس بالكامل كوحدة واحدة، وكلمة واحدة المقدسة
نقول، الخطة الإلهية يكمن في جعل إنسان في الكرامة الكاملة، في تحقيق العدالة الكاملة والكمال في الحب.
عند  قراءة  سفر  الملوك الاول  و  الثاني,  نجد  ان  نبي  الله  ايليا,  هو  الذي  تجلى  مع  السيد  المسيح  و  موسى  النبي  على  الجبل  في  العهد  الجديد,  و  هو  الذي  رفعه  الله  اليه  بالمركبة  النارية
نجد  ان  ايليا  حارب  ملوك  الارض,  و  هم  كانوا  مختارين  من  عند  الله,
و  هذا  لان  الشر  يعمل  على  الارض
و  سلب  الشعب  الكرامة  التي  منحه  اياها  الله
و  تحول  الشعب  الى  عبيد  لدى  الملك
فجاء  الغيور,  و  هو  لقب  النبي  ايليا
جاء  ليعيد  للشعب  كرامته
  فعمل  على  انهاك  الملك  و  حاشيته
هذا  هو  معنى  الكتاب  المقدس
المعنى  الالهي  للانسان
بان  يحصل  الانسان  على  كرامته  و  على  العدل
و  ان  يفنى  ملوك  الشر,  و  يحل  محلهم  ملوك  الخدمة,  خدمة  خليقة  الله  الكرماء
فالطاعة  تأتي  للملك  الخادم,  لا  للملك  المشعوز  الشرير 


Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
Ἐκκλησία τῶν Γ.Ο.Χ