Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Russian Tourist Project over the blood of Syrians


After asking Orthodox theologians in Greece and in the Holy Mountain , Athos,
About the health of the doctrine of monument statue amid Orthodox Monastery

As was expected, according to our modest knowledge,    the  respond was: 

"Statues in Orthodox , are rejected , it 's just a fetish, and is not related to the Orthodox faith

Because, if we  compare between the statue and the concept of the icon

We  find  that  there is no correlation

Because the Orthodox icon in orthodoxy , is a page in  the  Holy  Bible, or  evangelical Verse, Written by colors, Or it  reflect  biography of one of the saints.

As for Jesus Christ
The icon of Jesus Christ, Has a deep theological reading , for example , :Icon of Christ Pantocrator.

And we supposed that the Orthodox Church in Syria , is aware of the seriousness of this work at the theological level."

The other side of the issue, related to Russian ambitions in Syria  and generally in the East
Thus the dispute between the Ecumenical Patriarch and Patriarch of Moscow, is the biggest proof

The situation in Syria easier for the Russians,  Because the keys   of  the  country has become in their hands, and one of the most important means to control, or occupation, is through the use of religion, and  exploitation of the name of Jesus Christ to promote their dirty plans.

And Cherubim Monastery ' who  is  an Orthodox  Monastry', has a history with  Russians, since before the year 2000
Where there  were  many  attempts  to control over  the monastery

To the extent that Russians gave an order to the Syrian regime for paving and improving the road to the monastery,  where  the monastery was a center for   suspicious  meetings.

At that time, there  was  no  monks in the monastery.  But they made ​​him an orphanage  for nearly 15 children.

in  fact  this  a  large  story,  maybe  in  other  time  we  can  talk about  it.

With this we conclude, that the establishment of the statue or the so-called statue of Christ, is one of the steps to complete the Russians control over Syria,  on the blood of Syrians.

·         Source of  images  from Mail online



Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden
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