Sunday, September 30, 2012

Syria- Top secret documents for Damascus bombing

The document  refer that

Bashar Al Assad with Joint command Syria - Russian - Iranian have issued decision directed to the Syrian security agency for Damascus bombing

The translation of the document as following : ( the translation after the original copy)*
 The Translation:
Syrian Arab Republic
Joint command
Foreign Intelligence Service

Date: 08/05/2012
No. 247/3

Ordered to movement

 To Brigadier General  Saqr Menon the Chief of Branch 291.

At the direction of the joint command, according to the current circumstances.

 By order of the President of the Republic, and according to the plan issued at a meeting of the Joint Command.

The need to convince the public about the existence of terrorist gangs in Syria

Instructs you the following:

1- coordination with branches 235 and 216 and make it empty from soldiers.

2- preparing truck with 1000 kg  of high explosives material.

3- take attention that there is no TV reporter, and delay broadcasting the event.

4- put guard at the gates of branches.

5- Implementation operation in peak time.

6- Inform the command at the time and after the implementation.

Seal and signature

Foreign Intelligence Service
General  Zo Alhemma Shailesh


* The source of the Arabic's document is Al Arabiya TV

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