Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Russian missiles bombing churches in Syria


Orthodox does not belongs to  Russian missiles which bombing our churches in Syria

 Al Assad began , began bombing  our churches by Russian rocket and under the supervision of Russian leaders ,
does magic turned against the magician?

Here we see that regimes in Syria and Russia both do not understand the meaning of honor and fidelity, Russian's green light for bombing churches with Russian support.


The question now is where Putin, and his secretary of state?

Where is the Russian Patriarch?

those who  claims that they  protects Christians, so, their weapons now destroys our churches.
They should apologize immediately, because we told them the truth but they did not want to listen,
because they do not know God.

 And you  who are defending the regime in Syria and you who connected our church with that killer , here now  churches  bombed  by  Russian aircraft and missiles,   there is no way for error in such weapon and  there is no justification.

Here are Russian shells bombed churches.

 Russia, whose her leaders claim that they are Orthodoxy and defending Christians.
 now help Al Assad to bomb our churches.

Russian Aircraft used by Al assad has bombed the only ancient church in the Abo Kamal city

So, I congratulate Mr. Vladimir Putin and Mr. Barack Obama, because they entered history through these images


 We declare that the Orthodox disowns of you and of all who stand with the oppressor.

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden