Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Holy Tradition

The Holy Tradition

The Orthodox church is based in her life on the Holy Tradition which govern the ecclesiastical life.

Today we would answer to the question:  Tradition, Where it comes from?

Five sources of the Holy Tradition:

1-      The Holy Scripture in both parts ( the old and new testament) constitute a major source of the Tradition, in this short article we cannot elaborating where this explanation needs to seminar, and we will arrange for online seminar in the new year. but we can give an example: St. Paul clarifies in Galatians 1:11 that the Tradition of the church  is not according to man, where he mean that it is not a human product but it is revealed by God.

2-      The Liturgy is the second source which mean the common work, so the church come together to be the people of God and worship God, the common worship is the services for various hours of the day, for seven days a week, the feast days and the season of the church and the sacraments of the church.

3-      The Councils is the third source, the councils created the Creed, the canons, described the Holy Scripture, etc.


4-      The Saints who are the Fathers of the church are the fourth source, which consist from the life of the Saints and their teaching.

5-      Church Arts are the fifth and final source such as the iconography, images of Christ, His Life, His Mother, the saints , the prophets, etc.
            the ecclesiastical Music the  chants and hymns which sung within the Liturgies.

To the readers, greeting in our Lord Jesus Christ
we would to announce that after the new year, in January 2012, we will launch online Seminars about the Holy Tradition, where we will study the five sources which is:
 1. The Holy Scripture; 2. The Liturgy;  3. The Councils ; 4. The Saints ; 5. Church Arts.

Please Note,  Places across the Internet is very limited
 Who wish to attend please register
 the Seminars are Free of charge.

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