Sunday, January 15, 2012

revive the Spirit in more than 400 unused churches

Our brothers in Christ

we began dealing in hard  project,

which is revive the Spirit in more than 400 unused churches.

 if we do not do so, these churches will be lost, and the souls will be lost too.

some of churches  will be changed into clubs and other things...!!!

now as beginning to the mission,  we have rented an old church building which need renew in order to be in use .

if you fill that you can throw two mites,(the two mites of the poor widow ) (Mark:12-41.42), we ask you to do so, and donate to our poor church, which bear hard task.

for information visit:

 in the coming days we need 23000 SEK, which evaluated to 3285 $ to be spent for the annual rent of the church building and we need to buy a simple and the necessary furniture (Carpet and Some seats to sit), and Icons and Tabernacle & Service Items such as the Baptismal font, and so on.

already, we have bought, the Holy Communion set, the liturgical books, Priest vestments, incense and censers which all has costed  around 3000 €, which evaluate around 30,000 SEK, that additional to the building material for build the Iconostasis and the altar and parts of the Carpet , because the church is empty and used as Store for storage the machinery.

we ask our Lord to reach your heart and guiding you to our poor church may you can support us.

The Servant in Christ,

+ Rev. Spyridon

Editor: Rev.Spyridon Tanous
 Diocese of Leesburg Orthodox
Patristic Church- Sweden