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St. Peter of Damascus (Peter Damascene)

St. Peter of Damascus (Peter Damascene)
Peter Damascene is the Treasury of divine knowledge
The Byzantine Monk and Spiritual Theologian,

St.Peter of Damascus writes of three types of monasticism: communal, skite-dwelling, and eremitic.

He recommends the use of imageless prayer and frequent repetition of short prayers. His theology is not systematic, and he gives advice for practicing the ascetical life, a life open to all.

St.Peter of Damascus’steaching aims to meet the contingencies of life.
By grounding theology in spiritual practice, and theological insight into human life, St. Peter of Damascus exemplifies the traditional mode of Orthodox theology.
in his treasury, earlier Orthodox doctrines are recapitulated in such a way as to make the riches of theory and discipline generally available.

St.Peter of Damascus has stated the following:
“There is no object, no activity or place in the whole of creation that can prevent us from becoming what god from the beginning wished us to be:
 that is to say according to his image and likeness, god by adoption  through grace, dispassionate, just, good and wise, whether we are rich or poor, married or unmarried, in authority and free or under obedience and in bondage- in short, whatever our time, place or activity.”
 the prayer of St. Peter of Damascus with you all 


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