Sunday, August 7, 2011

Radio “Voice of Youth"


Coming soon

“Voice of Youth"

Provide a set of  the most interesting programs:

directed to the young, adult and children

1- Morning program            "Good Morning World"

"Good Morning O' heaven", provide the live broadcasting discussions, on the issues of life
Worldwide news: over the social and ecclesiastical activities.
And many other.

                                           "          Good Morning World           "
 "           Good Morning  World        "

2- Hello from Sweden
3- Let us pray to the Lord
4- News of the situation of youth worldwide
5- Music and songs
6- Our voice
7- Peace and justice
8- Arts
9- Thank God
10- Educations
11- Vesper
12- Evening news


Live program, “lets children to come upon me”.

“    lets children to come upon me   ”
“    lets children to come upon me   ”

Three time a week the live program   “O' our youth what your needs”

  “O' our youth what your needs”
  “O' our youth what your needs”  

Additional to the Liturgy, arts, education programs.

The radio will be available on your Mobile, IPod, Ipad, PC  and all devices provides internet, to listen and participate the live programs wherever you are, in your car, office, at home, free times and so on. 

Rev.Spyridon Tanous
Orthodox Patristic Church- Sweden