Sunday, March 13, 2011

The icon of the Sunday of Orthodoxy

The icon of the Sunday of Orthodoxy commemorates the “restoration” of icons in the churches and to their use in Orthodox worship. The focal point of the icon is an icon itself, the Virgin Hodegetria, a popular depiction of the Theotokos as “Directress,” or literally “She who shows the way to God.” The icon is carried by two angels. (1)

The icon of the Virgin Hodegetria, depicting the Theotokos as the "Directress", is processed amongst the people and held on high by two angels.

To the left of the icon is the Empress Theodora and her son Michael III. (2) To the right of the icon are the Patriarchs Methodios and Tarasios. (3) The icon is surrounded by numerous saints who struggled against the Iconoclastic heresy


Emperess Theodora, who proclaimed the veneration      Theodora's son Michael III.
of icons, is depicted to the right of the icon.

To the left of the icon are Patriarch Methodios (left), Bishop Michael of Synnadon (center), and Patriarch Tarasios.

The icon also represents the triumphant procession that was made on Sunday, March 11, 843, from the Church of the Theotokos in Blachernai to Hagia Sophia, where a Liturgy was celebrated to mark the restoration of icons.

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